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Horse Moments - Life Lessons


    Any here play Its alot if fun!! Here's my HL profile. Add me as a friend if you play the game
  2. Fun Day!

    Some of my BFF's from the barn came over today. It was so much fun!! They all got to meet my new horse. Everyone thought Bullwinkle was a Friesian! LOL! I'm so flattered! I guess he does look alot like a Friesian
  3. Hurray!!!!

    I just got a call from the seller, and she said that Bullwinkle will be trailered here Memorial day!!!!
  4. horse pictures :)

  5. Guess what?

    I got my new horse!! He's so beautiful!! His breed is an Irish Sport Horse. Height is 16 hands. Color is midnight black with white markings...2 stockings, a sock, a blaze and a snip.... Age is 14... and his name is Bullwinkle! LOL!! I love it!!

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    Horse Moments - Life Lessons
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