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  1. Pennsylvania!!

    So yeah, we maybe moving to Pennsylvania. I so want to move!
    But it probably will not happen untill next year when we have 10 arces clear, and things get fixed up here. I don't know about the horses...I know I'm keeping Bullwinkle (daaa), and my mom wants to keep Bojangles. I would have to find a retirement home for Lady, I dont think that would be to hard since I know someone who takes in horses that are old. They have like 25 horses, most are from abusive owners and other are retired horses. ...
  2. Fun Day!

    Some of my BFF's from the barn came over today. It was so much fun!! They all got to meet my new horse. Everyone thought Bullwinkle was a Friesian! LOL! I'm so flattered! I guess he does look alot like a Friesian
  3. Hurray!!!!

    I just got a call from the seller, and she said that Bullwinkle will be trailered here Memorial day!!!!
  4. The Saddle Club

    I love the saddle club! My favorite character is Veronica. She makes things so drama full!! I love her horse too!
    But... I know WAY to many horse people like her, sooooo competitive! It drives me crazy! Why cant we all just have fun with our horses and be NICE to one another?!?!?
  5. Bored....

    I think I'm going to finish my book tonight.