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    my player ID is 6608089
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    That is so cool! Sounds awsome gota try my BBF loves that website! That's awsome!!!!!! Lizzy
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    We live on a farm that we built as family when I was just born, I'm centre hall PA
  4. Chico_44's Avatar
    not really... we live in a farm area though. we are spaced out from everyone else and we have a lot of fields.
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    I' m dk glad you found a great horse! Sounds cute!!!!! Lizzy
  6. Lizzy Traband's Avatar
    He's adorable lizzy
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  8. Chico_44's Avatar
    Sweetie is a Paint! I don't think I will show her but maybe if I get lucky I could. LOL! Her owner is at college alot and I dont know how she would feel about me riding her horse while she wasn't there but I would really enjoy showing.
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    Nah I'm not much of a camping person. My summr has been great so far! I will be on a swim team all summer and I will be spending tim with my minis!
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    Oh lucky! The driving show sounds like fun! Yeah. Cheryl is not a judge so she'll probably be taking pictures. Really?!?!?! What kind of horse is it? Sounds like fun! Do you think you'll show this horse?
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    yeah. something was wrong with the truck or something...oh well, better safe than sorry
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    I looked up Spinning Wheel Farms on Google and I viewed the website. I think I may go to the driving show!! I will be sure to stay away from Cheryl if I go.. I hate people like that!! Yes I'm just showing minis. However I am going riding soon!!! I found a horse that I can ride! The girl that owns her had surgery on her shoulder and can't ride for a couple of months so I offered to ride her horse so she would get exercise. I'm so excited!!
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    Ugh!!! That's terrible! I can't beleive they're making you wait more! I feel so bad...
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    Spinning Wheel Farms is in Geneva OH . If you go there to only show, try stay away from Cheryl (the owner). Believe me! She's nice and sweet at first.....but she's really nuts and judgemental!! PERFECTIONIST!

    Sounds like fun! Are you just showing the mini?
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    Cinder was very sweet! I like shetland ponies too. Where is spinning wheel farms?? I have a very old horse trailer but it works! It's very ugly but I don't care as long as it's getting me to the shows. That sucks. I'm going to a lot of 4-H shows at Buckeye Horse Park, a Randolph show, and an Armstrong show. I'm trying to get high points so I can go to state fair this year.
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    You will have to take and post a lot of pics of his arrival!!
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    Aww I love Welsh Ponies!! He sounds so sweet! I only had shetland ponies when I was younger idk...probably a few pleasure shows at spinning wheel farms. I don't have a horse trailer so I'm going to have to buy or rent one :\ What shows are you going to this year?
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    That's a cute name!! I used to have a welsh pony when I was younger. His name was Cinder because I was 5 and I wanted to name him Cinderella! LOL. I have neighbors but we are very spaced out. I live in Mahoning county so I'm not that far away. Of course I live in country too. What horse shows are you going to this year?
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    Wow that stinks.... I guess you'll be even more excited to see him when he comes!!
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