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    Consider becoming a "Taiji Team Member". Become a part of a powerful community dedicated to giving you the tools to have an amazing journey with your horse. As a Taiji Team members, you ........

    • Have access to the complete Taiji Horsemanship Training system. Taiji Horsemanship "In Sync" training module gives you a complete training progression & system, that takes you and your horse from the very beginning to being prepared for more advanced work. The tools and exercises provided also help you to visit basic skills to keep a seasoned horse and rider on track. In addition to the Taiji "In Sync" foundation training, we have modules on various advanced work...like jumping, trick training and connection and collection! Check it out at www.TaijiHorsemanshipCoach.com
    • Are given an active user accounts on SharingTaiji.com, where you can have a profile, posts pictures of your horse, have a blog and participate in forums with other members.
    • Receive our latest training tips and Taiji Shop specials through our newsletter
    • Be eligible for monthly members challenges
    • Can submit videos for inclusion on the www.TaijiHorsemanshipCoach.com site
    • Can audit all Taiji training events for FREE!
    • Can test their knowledge of the various Taiji training with the "Take the Taiji Test" online quiz program. Successful completion of the "Take the Taiji Tests" earns you Certified Team Member status. Certified Team Members are acknowledged on the www.TaijiHorsemanshipCoach.com site with a link to their www.SharingTaiji.com profile!
    • And much more!